Forum Etiquette

VirtuQ™ forums are governed by a strict policy. This is done so as to ensure quality of content in the forums. Please ensure that you adhere to following rules while posting in the forum.

  1. Search the forum before posting a question

    If you search before you start a new thread, it saves you time on getting a response as well as helps us focus more on answering your questions, rather than to find out and remove duplication. As the forum database matures, you will find out that most of the common questions have already been answered. Use the search feature to find out the information which you seek.

  2. Add new questions to an existing thread, rather than opening a new one

    Think of threads like topics, so, it is important that you add your questions and points to the existing threads rather than starting a new one. This has several advantages, first it help keep information at one place rather than fragment it over several pieces, secondly it reaches out to the correct folks who either may benefit from the discussion or can contribute to it. You should find out the most relevant thread to your questions by using the search and then add your question(s) there.

  3. A thread will last a lifetime, ensure that you name it appropriately

    It is very important to give an appropriate title to a thread. It is much like the subject of an email or the title of a book, this helps everyone. We see the title of a thread and are able to understand the problems much better, someone who is searching through the threads can understand the relevance and the search engine can locate information much more easily with proper keywords in the title. So, give it due thought. It is not uncommon for someone to sit for a couple of minutes and think of an appropriate title for a mail, expect the same here.

  4. Be precise and clear in your communication

    It is important that you ask precise questions. Think through what it is that you want to ask, frame your question in your mind and then type it out. Remember that forums are not chat sessions and multiple ping-pongs (you-ask-we-answer) will add to the time that it takes for you to get the information which you want. It takes some practice, to get to that level, however we are willing to work with you on that.

  5. Use proper and complete English

    Forum is for everyone. Hence for the benefit of the entire student community, it is very important that each communication on the forum is in proper English. Avoid SMS kind of language. Additionally please maintain dignity of communication.

    Using too many dots like ..., does not help. End a sentence by a simple full-stop. Make use of paragraphs and other features of English language to convey what it is that you wish to convey. A smiley once in a while is okay (limited to 2 smileys per post), but anything more than that will make your post look ugly.

  6. Ensure that you do not reveal personal information if you want to keep your post anonymous

    VirtuQ™ forums are designed to preserve your anonymity. If you want to let it remain as such ensure that you do not give away your personal information while posting.

  7. Use context items to highlight what it is that you did not understand in the response

    See how we answer your questions. We will at times have your question text mentioned in the response, however, it will be highlighted, this is done using the forum software's context features. Use it to show text that you did not understand.

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