VirtuQ™ Terms of Use

Your accessing, browsing or signing up to VirtuQ™ indicates your agreement to all the terms and conditions mentioned herein.

Dignity in Communication

You must maintain dignity in communication. Offending or other kind of language in discussion forums or otherwise makes you liable to be banned from using our site. Your account may be terminated at the discretion of VirtuQ™ and the balance in your amount may be refunded at the sole discretion of the company. Even if you are yet to finish a module, the amount which you have so paid will be forfeited.

Misuse of Resources

Should be find out that you are indulged in activities which are not expected of you in the laboratories or as such on the website or the system, such as but not limited to, trying to crack the virtual machines to gain root priviliges, trying to gain wrongful entry to an area to which access is denied etc. We reserve the right to terminate your account then and there. Any balance amount in your account will be forfeited along with any fees which you have paid for a module not yet completed.

Indulgement in Unlawful Activities

Indulgement in any unlawful activity whatsoever on VirtuQ™ servers will immediately lead to termination of account and can potentially lead to prosecution under applicable laws.


VirtuQ™ is providing all the services on a best effort basis and is in no way responsible for any kind of loss whatsoever arising from any information on this site or through any of its services whether implied or otherwise.

Termination of Account

You can terminate your account with us at any point of time and claim for a refund of the balance. The amount which you have paid for any module will be forfeited, however, VirtuQ™ at its discretion may provide a partial refund of such amount.


All material provided to you is copyrighted by VirtuQ™ Education Serivces Pvt. Ltd. and is for the sole and personal use of the registered user who paid for that module. Sharing, copying, transmitting that material in any form will lead to immediate cancellation of account and may lead to prosecution in a court of law.


Any dispute arising whatsoever is limited to jurisdiction of courts in Bangalore only.

Questions on Terms of Use

Please direct all your questions to with the title "Terms of Use" in the subject line.

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