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  1. anup's Avatar
    Hi Saketh,

    Glad to know that you like the contents of this course. As of now, we do not have any plans to offer more courses in this area. The course by itself is quite comprehensive especially if you do all the exercises. This will be sufficient in most of the cases. Please go through the course and let us know if you face any difficulty and/or have any questions.

  2. saketh.linuxs1794's Avatar
    I have gone through the course description of "Linux Systems Programming" course and the information will be very much helpful for me.
    Is this the only course offered regarding system programming or more tutorials will be posted regarding this topic.
  3. anup's Avatar

    If the toolchain is same, then it will behave in a similar fashion on different platforms. However, GNU/Linux is the de-facto development environment in companies and gaining experience on it is very rewarding. In most of the companies doing advanced work, IDEs are not used.

  4. anon10128's Avatar
    Hi sir,
    Its a very nice blog. Thanks a lot for this blog. I wanted to know advantages of using GCC, GDB tools using commands in linux. Even the code blocks, turbo c use gcc comiler. How is linux different from these? In industries is it the GCC from commands or the eclipse IDE used?

    Thank you
    Updated 23-10-2013 at 03:26 PM by anon10128