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  1. Cloud Application Development: Introduction

    This interesting articles is shared by Anil Sharma. He can be reached at https://in.linkedin.com/in/anilsil.


    Have you ever thought about application development in cloud? First thing first let’s understand which cloud (layer) we are talking about. The basic definition of cloud would be virtual resources or services which you can access over internet or network while you don’t worry about underlying infrastructure. For example, if you want to develop an application ...
  2. How to Get Job in Top Technology Companies

    We often get very interesting questions from students about various career prospects. Some of the these questions are as follows.
    • What are the top technology companies?
    • What are differences between a service company and a product company?
    • What are typical salaries in different companies for freshers?
    • What are the skills needed to crack a job in a top technology company?
    • How important is my degree to get a good job?
    • What is the role of first job in career growth?
    We will be answering ...
  3. Learning Linux: Why, What and How

    My personal voyage on Linux started in 1996 when PC Quest (an Indian IT magazine) distributed a free CD containing Slackware Linux with its issue. Slackware as the reputation goes is not the easiest of the Linux distributions to install. My friend and I tried to install it several times working throughout the night but were unsuccessful. It always got stuck at the exact same point where in it needed our help, ‘mount the media’. Now coming from the Windows land, this whole mount was absolutely new ...
  4. Art of Programming: Data Structures

    Informally, data structure (DSTR) is the way in which data in the program is organized and manipulated. The latter happens through various operations which are supported by the data structure. Examples of these operations are making new objects in DSTR, removing existing objects, searching for a particular object, sorting based on some criteria etc.

    As an example, suppose, we have to create and manipulate a student database. Naive approach to create this database could be to
  5. Do you really know C and C++

    The idea of writing this blog entry came up when we started talking to students encouraging them to take up our C and C++ offerings. In the evolved world (as in terms of age and work experience) it was quite easy for folks to say that they do not know a particular lanugage especially C and C++, however, that was not quite the case with students. Most of them felt that they know these languages fairly well to not take up a module (or course) on them. Delving further, it came up that this was a mix ...
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